BMW 1 Series

Starts at PHP 2,690,000.00

Pay PHP45,121/month

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BMW 2 Series

Starts at PHP 2,990,000.00

Pay PHP50,153/month

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BMW 3 Series

Starts at PHP 3,190,000.00

Pay PHP53,507/month

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BMW 5 Series

Starts at PHP 3,790,000.00

Pay PHP63,571/month

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BMW 7 Series

Starts at PHP 5,990,000.00

Pay PHP100,473/month

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Honda City

Starts at PHP 848,000.00

Pay PHP14,224/month

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Honda Civic

Starts at PHP 1,115,000.00

Pay PHP18,703/month

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Hyundai Reina

Starts at PHP 783,000.00

Pay PHP13,134/month

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Hyundai Accent

Starts at PHP 790,000.00

Pay PHP13,251/month

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